It is the intention of Lemco Tool Corporation to design, manufacture and sell tools that are safe. The tools and equipment in this catalog are designed for use by knowledgeable linemen, splicers and installers. Use of the items for other than their intended purposes is to be considered unsafe and may result in injury or death. Whenever possible warnings and/or notices appear in this catalog or are provided with tools. Misuse, negligence, inexperience and ignorance are not controllable by the manufacturer and accordingly it is difficult to provide sufficient warning and safety information.


We encourage managers to keep safety programs active and understood by those who work for them. Safety programs are most effective when all levels of employees are involved. All tools and equipment become worn with use. Periodic, regular and daily (when in use) inspections are a must. Look for proper mechanical function, worn parts and cracked welds. Do not use tools in need of repair. Standards for your Safety Program should include but should not be limited to the following standards of OSHA, NEC and NESC.